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    Date: Friday, 30th July 2021


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A letter to my father by Jossy writes

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Dear Dad,
I feel so excited and delighted writing this letter to you. But all protocols duly observed, I am writing this letter to thank you for all you’ve done. Hope my joint heir has been happy with me and those I am a little higher than. If so, thanks be to You for being faithful as always. I am yet to fathom all my reasons for writing this letter to you but I know you know all I have at heart to say.

This last month has been a bittersweet experience, everything has happened so quickly and you know I would’ve loved to be the first person to tell all on my contact list a happy new month. Indeed if would be a happy month and that I am more than thankful for.

Thank you for all the pains I felt last month, for losing my very treasured Jacob who made me speechless for days, I am more than greatful. For making my guardian angel find me and take me back in track, I feel so indebted to you but you feel the least moved since you know the end from the beginning. I love the way you father me.

For teaching me everyday and never tempting me but giving me the Grace to pass through all temptations, I say thank you. I actually thought I would yell at you in this letter but counting my blessings and naming them one after the other has made me to see how greatly loved I am.
For all the angels in human form you’ve sent to me, I appreciate you. Thank you because you would make me work more for you as it is my one and only desire. Strengthen me to be who you want me and never make the Comforter to leave me. I know you will always help me and make those reading this know that I love them and pray all their heart desires be granted to them this new month. Good morning.

Your daughter,
Jossy writes ✨💖


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