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    Date: Tuesday, 22nd June 2021


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Sociology defeat mass communication 3-1

By - - [ Sports-Verified News ]

Sociology players produced a brilliant performance to beat mass communica tion players 3-1 at AAUA field arena on Friday evening

The game started at exactly 6:30 very late, the mass communication players start with a good move that earn them a goal, so within that very moment every mass communication supporter were seen rejoicing all over the field.

Sociology players battled back and scored a goal to take a 1-1 draw in 5minutes into the second half.

At exactly 6:45pm, the second half begins a player from sociology makes a suddenly goal to take a 2-1 lead just few minutes after the referee brought in a late substitute for the mass communication players.

Mass communication players where lost in the world of defeat hence they made several attempt to score but it was not yielding their dream goal.

Seeing how aggressive mass communication players are, in few minutes to the stoppage time sociology players make a wise move that score them a point.

So exactly 7pm with bright half-moon shining sociology became the winner at the final whistle leading the mass communication players with 2points.

The coach for mass communication players was not happy about the development, he appears to blank sociology coach when the sociologist went to make jest of his team,

When kante was ask about the incident after the game he said  I don’t blame anybody actually we need to rematch in fact we started late and most of my team members cannot see clearly because everywhere was kind of dark.

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