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    Date: Tuesday, 22nd June 2021


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Two AAUA Mass Communication Students caught sleeping in public -okokomaiko react

By - - [ Romance-Verified News ]

1. Deputy Senate president at faculty of            social and management sciences and a        student of mass communication                    department  Emperor Kim

Senator kim



Senator Emperor Kim was caption sleeping in action. Many people who know about his love fantastic with lady Susie believe he is still in shock , after the couple separated due to undisclose  reasons best known to them.

Deji Dara Publicly known as OKOKOMAIKO of mass communication department said

I don’t think it was because of heart break that ignite or Ginger up senator Emperor Kim to dose off on that sofa , I think Sometimes you just can’t cheat nature. When the body is weak, the body is weak and there’s not much you can do but give in to its demands.

And as a matter of fact, Susie the Ex girlfriend of the sleeping or rather the relaxing emperor  has moved on with her life, so anybody saying otherwise like relating emperor’s relaxing  brouhaha with Susie  should be caught and flog 10 strokes of cane.




Susie & simi



2.)  A student of mass communication              department Angel

Days after emperor Kim’s sleeping picture went viral, Angel was also caught sleeping in Action 😁



Okokomaiko in Conclusion said

This students have been caught giving in to the demands of their weak bodies. They were caught sleeping on duty.

You can’t blame them, some of them their busy schedule will not let them get the required rest needed.

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