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    Date: Tuesday, 22nd June 2021


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(Opinion) Aaua the federation of over package olosho ~okokomaiko

By - - [ Romance-Verified News ]

To begin with there are two types of women some says are in AAUA, The God fearing and the onces gods are fearing, and when you cross their part or they cross yours whichever ways I beseech you beware of them.

When God created women, He gave her a powerful sexual organ and unexplained curvaceous body element that even made some Angel of God to fly down from heaven just to mingle with the beautiful female beings. Remember god didn’t create them to exploit men rather he made them to be their helper.



Now in the civilized world of AAUA, majority of the admitted female students are now one way or the other a sodomite olosho or clean olosho that are not ready to help but whose majorly focus on cashing out from their rich boyfriends or yahoo boys whom they often refer as a client.



As a matter of facts, judging from what we are seeing these days in AAUA, the entire federations is looking overstretch like a miserable elastic band.

Most Unfaithful boyfriend or Yahoo boys are naturally created to carefully caress their liquidating holes, fingering their inner holes and licking their nipples, just because they are buying them trending things and those girls don’t mind as per how they are being abused.


A prostitute that brought a Lexus, I wish you saw what her pussy have gone through, majority of these olosho are f**k thousand times before they are given what they actually desire and when these sets of bae are seen in their various lecture theatre the next day, they kick-off as if they were never touched nor abused.

Another thing about this gang is that they speak uncouth and respect they gave to no one but they only bow to he who knows them.  Sometimes the badass among them don’t even care if you know them.

The most amazing thing, I ever heard from one of this olosho is her reciting a bible verse she and gang
She said out loud “kudo to that woman that stood her ground and blessed is she that went toe to toe with a fire breathing dragon for she shall have the strength to douse the dragon’s little fire with her own bigger whoosh of fire

That was funny though but what this olosho beings don’t know is that they are putting their life on danger line much more to their male clients

Should I voice out about ritual, abusing or even contamination of different viruses out there huh?

A female friend of mine once said “this life to make money nor hard, just make it in a way you will be respected when gone and when you fuck always use protection couple with no loose guild”.

Therefore females B_E_H_A_V_E

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