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    Date: Friday, 30th July 2021


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What Is Love All About? By Tolulope Olugbade

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Love, they say, it’s a beautiful thing. It is a beautiful thing when you are with the right person. It is a beautiful thing when you are cared for. It is a beautiful thing if you are loved unconditionally. It’s a beautiful thing if it is LOVE and not LUST. Youths of Nowadays now practice lust and not love. Only few practice love, that is, true love.

Tolulope Olugbade (Author at AAUAINSIDER

There is a vast difference between love and lust. Majority of the youths of this present generation are not aware of this and many can’t even distinguish between the two and that is why they become victims of lustful guys and ladies.


Any guy or lady that is after your body and your money does not love you.


Our God is a perfect example of LOVE. He loves every man unconditionally. He makes the sun to shine and the rain to fall on both the good and the bad. Our God is Love. Love is patient, it is kind, it brings joy and peace, it does not rejoice at wrong doing, it is selfless, it yields to corrections, it advises.


If you have misconceptions about true love, check out these attributes of love listed above and compare it to what you are experiencing either with your partner or friends who claim to love you.


Is the person you claimed to love or who claimed to love you,kind? Is he/she patient? Is he/she selfless? Does he/she rejoice at wrong doing? Does he/she advises you on matters relating to God, life, education and the future? These are questions that youths who claim to be in a relationship and love each other need to ask themselves if truly they are in love with each other.


If both partners do not possess any of these attributes, then they don’t love each other. They don’t even know the meaning of LOVE.


Love is important, I mean true love because it brings joy and peace to both partners and that will also help them to be at peace with everyone around them.


It curbs malice and hatred. It will also help them to build a very good and healthy relationship.


True love is not meant for partners who are ready for marriage alone, it is for everybody who cares for their brothers, sisters, families and friends.


If we all have love, we will live in peace with anyone no matter their background or tribe. If there is true love among everyone, the world will be a beautiful place to live in.

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