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    Date: Friday, 30th July 2021


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DejiDara CEO Blackshared forum apologize to a seating senator (AAUA)

By - - [ News Update-Verified News ]

DEJIDARA — A member and CEO of Blackshared Forum has apologized few months after he release an article about Senator Emperor kim on this public social media forum.


DejiDara shared a board opinion to the “News trending section” Blackshared Forum on May/ 26/ 2021, creating a post on Blackshared Forum that “kim was not a sleeping senator” in which he defined as work of nature .

I would ask the public to be open to receive my heartfelt apology. This was an ‘offensive’ post which does not reflect who I am in both my private and public lives,” Deji Dara said in an online statement to NAMACOSITES 3: pm on Wednesday..


My actions to this point have always reflected a positive support for all and for all NAMACOSITES . Specifically I was just supporting Emperor kim but I don’t know I was doing a lot of damages thinking it is the proper solution so I assure you that I will continue to uphold all and all NAMACOSITES,” he said.

Crop from thread that was removed



Senator Emperor Kim said he would take this matter seriously when he text some words forming comments on NAMACOSITES FORUM (WhatsApp)


When DejiDara was asked what he thought about Kim’s comment ” The post Is removed, I called Emperor’s number just to apologise he didn’t picked maybe he was busy but I believe everything is going to be okay” he said.


I would ask each of you to be receptive to my public apology and sincere regret for this injurious post . There will be no further explanation or comment from me, but I will still find a way to speak with Emperor” DejiDara also said in his response.



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