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    Date: Friday, 30th July 2021


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Enough is enough, how oba akoko Youths storm out in solidarity~Comrade, Adarabioyo Fidelis

By - - [ News Update-Verified News ]

The Oba akoko Youths storm the street to protest against the extortion of the BEDC in Oba Akoko, as they had been failing to provide adequate electricity to the people in the community.

Map image

The protest that lasted for two hours from 7 am to 9am, went peacefully as the youths were seen chanting for solidarity and holding a cardboard paper, written broadly that an End should be put to the inhumane extortion by the Benin Electricity Distribution company (BEDC) in Oba.

Map image

The youths were angry that the light is being given for only 5 to 7 days in a month and most of the time has always been at the end of the month and late hours at times.

With the fact that  they want to collect money for the service they are not ready to render.

We outpoured our grievances today in solidarity song as we matched  to the police divisional Headquarters, Oba Akoko to make it known to the security personnel, the reason for our actions and to safeguard us from having hoodlums hijacking the peaceful protest.

The S.O in the station attended to us and assure us that all orders would be maintained to see to our request.
The issue of the unstable light concern everyone in the community. Even the police are not enjoying the service of the BEDC and we promise to take a step henceforth as the youths have made it known that they are not pleased with the state of inadequate electricity supply in the community.” The S.O said.

We headed to the office of the BEDC but unfortunately, none of the officer attend to us to see to the reason for our grievances.

We headed to the Oloba of Oba palace as well, to let the King know of our motives to put an end to the extortion of the BEDC in our community in which the King gave a kudos to the youths that they have taken a bold step toward seeing to the development of the community.

The King has further invited all the youths to the Community meeting that will be hold by next week Saturday in order to reach a lasting solution to the electricity problems in the community.

The youth really displayed their displeasure that the community has being put into darkness too much as every household are paying an exhobitant bills for the electricity that is not stable and given in adequacy.


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