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    Date: Friday, 30th July 2021


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(Opinion) The sapa armageddon and the darkest Tsunami (aaua)

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The word “Sapa“a term used in Nigeria Pidgin English to describe a state of being extremely broke or poor, usually after spending extravagantly.




Sapa had become one of the most popular slang used by Nigerians, most specifically students that school within Nigeria.

It is no longer slander but a factual that “most Nigerian students are at times in serious needs and it actually occur in a week or two (2) weeks to write their examinations” thereafter which they kiss the school goodbye for that semester or break.

A rich spoit brat or a rich hustler who squander his money on prostitute or who cook largely will certainly face the wrath of “Sapa” sooner or later. Even the present reigme of General Mohammedu buhari hasn’t help many, infact it has brought the quickly arrival of the “Sapa armageddon” which now causes a great Tsunami, the kind that had not been experience by students across the states.

The darkest Tsunami




The word “Tsunami” is describe as a large and generally unstoppable surge.
Readers I want you all to Know that “after a catastrophe (armageddon) occur Tsunami follows” and when this happens two things are involved, is either the Tsunami comes in positively or negatively, many who happen to fall into the darkest pit of “sapa” would never think twice to become a Tsunami that terrorize other students at night.

Many students on hospital mattress today are victim of terror, and it is no longer news that “Sapa” causes that, on the internet nowadays there are many videos and news online were students gives out details on how they were Rob or how the villa next to them were rob by “Sapa people” (darkest tsunami)

So in short, when Sapa start to surface in schools, the darkest Tsunami Follows.
So learn how to manage, to avoid falling into the pit of ” Sapa” because if you become a dark Tsunami and gang up with other darkest Tsunami to rob a place, if you are caught, then you are gone.




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Aauaites how we dey do our exams nau😁👇




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