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    Date: Friday, 30th July 2021


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Outgoing FOSU president rule again ?

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This in to inform you all that you should debunked any information going round against Comrade Ajakaye Damilola Solomon p.k.a Coach Dammy and his Executives.

Comrade Ajakaye (post dammy)

Comrade Ajakaye has happen to be the best president of this association and really worked for the progress of this association.

Comrade Ajakaye and his executive are still our Present Executives.
They did not hijack any form, they done in the way it’s suppose to be.

We all know Coach Dammy he’s a listener and a man of integrity.

Some guys are just trying to spoil his name and his administration.

Those people posting rubbish against him and his executive just caucus and mobilized to spoil his name because Comrade Ajakaye has been doing what is right.

And for another executive to takeover we all know that there must be a proper handing over and proper swearing and which Coach Dammy has never done so before.
And before the day they went to collected the Bursary form there is an issue that happened in the group and our Conclusion was that Comrade Ajakaye Damilola Solomon and his executives are still our executive until they they did proper handling over.
Now because of Bursary they just know that Comrade Ajakaye and his executive are not the executive again, and this not the voice of all Oka Students.
And those people were proofing stubbornness because they wanted to hijack the form also.

And to you all who is in charge to call for the Congress? How many hours will it take to give proper calling of congress?
The Congress called was not unknown to Comrade Ajakaye Damilola Solomon and his executives.
No any information sent to him on his DM and inbox SMS and as that yesterday the president has Exam in which he was not aware of everything.
It was around after 5 they called him to come for the Congress and he has went to Oka immediately after his exam to check on her sister that was rushed down to the hospital.

Some people even think it was Comrade Ajakaye Damilola Solomon that call for the Congress not know he wasn’t the one no information was sent to him.

This people are just hungry of power and Comrade Ajakaye Damilola has always be the most loyalty and lovable of Oka Students union.
And what Assurance said before starting all this is that they will see power to power.
Assurance is not spoiling Comrade Ajakaye Damilola’s name he’s just spoiling his name and the entire fosuites name.

During this his administration we all know Federation of Oka students union is the best.
Comrade Ajakaye Damilola Solomon did not like argument and problem we believed he will just be smiling in one place now with everything that is happening.

And as you can see in their letter, the p.r.o was suspended by them because they told him to send the information sent to his DM and he told them the right thing and said he can’t do that he would never join to spoiled their best president name, so far he his one the executive elected ooo.

And to you all the elected president in person of Comrade Anthony Balogun is the betrayer here.
We have evidence of his charting with the Mr president, but Comrade Damilola did not like to be exposing someone or spoiling someone’s name. The elected president he’s a great lair and he is under the control of Comrade Ajakaye opposition party.

We could remember that one of those people sending information up and down was the one said it by shouting at AB that this is the best administration, all just because of Bursary he wanted to spoil Comrade Ajakaye Damilola’s name.
He was claiming stakeholders, he said Comrade Ajakaye did not carry him along a 300 level students o.
And that day Coach Dammy even beg him because Coach Dammy always listen and let things goes.

But Assurance still went ahead and start mobilizing their own people to against Comrade Ajakaye Damilola Solomon and his executives all just because of Bursary and Comrade Ajakaye Damilola Solomon even told that his own bursary form is on ground.

We are telling you people to debunk the allegations going viral against Comrade Ajakaye Damilola Solomon.

And to all fosuites please wait for proper congress that will be call very soon.

Okarufe Agbewaooo.

We are Fosuites.

Dean of Students affairs,
Students union,
CSO security unit,
H.O.D department of Sociology,
All fosuites,
All Aaua bloggers and median.

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