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Hot!! Amazon Giftcard Generator Script

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Rainbow #1
This is method to get amazon Giftcard for free, please don't leak this method.

1. Make amazon account or you can use our own account its your choice.
2. You can choose any item from Amazon store and put it in the cart.
3. Fill everything and go to the payment information where you add your credit card and etc.
4. When you are on payment information site press F12 or (Right Click -> Inspec Elements)
5. Go to the console and paste the code you will see below.
6. Press Okey twice and then type in 500 or 1000 it depends on your PC.
7. And that's all, now you have to wait to get hit with code.


Quote:Leave turned on PC overnight so you can get hit.
Good luck to everybody, leave a like and DM me if you get some right codes.


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Pls I need to use this and so many trucks on Amazon also how can I buy iTunes card as a trick on amazom

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