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Sale!! We will discuss on how to beat the Chaotic Chuo in Lost Ark

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Enemies in Lost Ark are pretty tough, especially if you are trying to fight a boss enemy. One such is the Chaotic Chuo who is one of the Field Bosses in the game. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know on how to beat the Chaotic Chuo in Lost Ark.

When it is up, you want to fight the Lost Ark Chaotic Chuo when you can. Below we have offered you a guide detailing everything you need to know on the Lost Ark Chaotic Chuo guide. Expect a rundown on the items you can get, the level requirements you need, and, of course, its location.

Where to find Chaotic Chuo
As part of a time-limited Raid event, Chaotic Chuo can be seen in the spring of the Echoes at Melodiskov. Chaotic Chuo has a long respawn period between defeats. The raid event takes place every two or three days.

Chaotic Chuo Boss Fight
The first thing you need to know is that the Chaotic Chuo is a limited-time raid boss so you don’t have much time to beat. As part of a limited-time event, you will find this boss hanging out at the Spring of Echoes at Melody Forest.

The second thing to keep in mind is that you must first take down the basic Chuo before taking on the Chaotic Chuo. Moreover, you need to be high enough to rank to deal any sort of damage to the boss. It is reported by some players that you need an item higher than 380 to break Chaotic Chuo’s invulnerability.

Lost Ark Chaotic Chuo Loot
Okay, so, you want to participate in the Lost Ark Chaos Chuo fight, and you’re likely interested in its loot? Well, there are quite a few items that you can get from the boss. Below is a table that features the Chaotic Chuo loot table and the items you can get from the boss. Note, these items are typically Epic, Rare or Uncommon Tier 1 items. Some of the drop table features currencies, gems, upgrade reagents, card packs and more, so they are always worth coming back to as part of your sideways progression, even if the epic ilvl upgrades are no longer worth the hassle.

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